Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Heat

I understand that it has been unseasonably cool in the northwest this year. Texas has been plenty hot! The thermometer at my house registered 104 this afternoon. I think I need to find an art show I can go to where the temps are more reasonable!

My husband has been gone to Boy Scout camps and I have been very busy with some new responsibilities at church. Once again, I feel like my art is taking a back seat to life. But I will go on and forge ahead.

I want to paint a picture for a very sweet lady who is a member of my church. She is in her 90's and sharp as a tack. But she is weak and can't live in her home alone anymore. She has painted countless porcelain items with beautiful florals during her life. Her room at the assisted care home is clean, but stark. I want to do something to liven it up for her. She may not be with us much longer, but I would like for her to have some beauty to look at for whatever time she has left.

I will post some more paintings soon.

Kindest regards,
Nancy Verschoor
"Neglect not the gift that is in thee." (1 Timothy 4:14)


Avril Brand said...

Your paintings are beautiful, Nancy. You also have compassion and love for your work and it shows! I know the feeling and your work is very touching.

Thank you :)

redchair said...

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