Monday, September 17, 2007

Perspective Tip

I did get to work on my painting of the fawns today. They are turning out quite cute! I hope to be able to post the painting tomorrow.

For all of you artists who may occasionally struggle with perspective, I learned a terrific tip today. This works for simple two point perspective. I am not sure how you might adapt it for more complicated scenes, but it is great for something like a barn in a field. You will need your sketch pad, a rubber band, and two bulldog clips (or wooden spring-type clothes pins). Cut the rubber band so that it is one long band. Decide where you want your horizon line. Place one end of the rubber band at the side of your pad at the horizon line and secure with one of the clips. Stretch the rubber band to the other side of your pad and secure it at the horizon line on that side with the other clip. Now you need to determine where you want the front corner edge of your box, house, barn, etc. Raise the rubber band to the height you want it. Holding it in place, draw your lines toward your vanishing points on the horizon. Draw a vertical line extending down from the top point of lines you just drew. You can extend it below the horizon line if you want. Then you will pull your rubber band down to the bottom of the vertical line. Once again draw your lines out to the vanishing points along the rubber band. You can now place the other two vertical lines to express the far corners of your box or whatever shape you are making. I hope this makes sense to you. "A picture is worth a thousand words" probably applies here. It is hard to write it all out instead of just showing you. Please email me if you have any questions about this perspective tool. Maybe some of you can figure out ways to use this in more complicated scenes. Good luck and I hope you can have fun with this!

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Jasmyn said...

i also wanted to tell you the lilly or orchid is very nice too. I can believe how talented you are, i wish i had an once of your talent. I miss you so much!